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Amelie von Wulffen
Bilder / Works 1998-2016

A monograph on Amelie von Wulffen is long overdue. For more than twenty years, the artist has developed a formal and stylistically wide-ranging work (collages, installation works, animation films, drawings, sculptures and painting), which is reflected in its content persistence. Amelie von Wulffen takes a clear account of the German (cultural) history in the precipitation of the private and personal, and argues as an invaluable chronicler of repression. The biting humor that permeates her work does not stop at a human low ground, though not always as directly as in her drawings and comics. The texts of this richly illustrated monograph examine Wulffen’s contribution to the painting discourse, Psychoanalytic aspects and show the painter as a role model for a young generation of artists. Amelie von Wulffen, born in Breitenbrunn in 1966, lives and works in Berlin.

Texts by Manfred Hermes, Bernhart Schwenk, Amy Sillman
Edited by Isabel Podeschwa, Bernhart Schwenk, Joe Scotland, Amelie von Wulffen

Amelie von Wulffen - Bilder 1998-2016 (2017)
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