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Simon Denny
Envisaging Vocational Rehabilitation

Catalogue for the exhibition Envisaging Vocational Rehabilitation at the Westfälischer Kunstverein, Münster

Vocational rehabilitation is a term that refers to a process of compelling and enabling people to overcome disability so they can work. This social practice is the starting point for a collaboration between the Berlin-based artist Simon Denny and Joanna Fadyl, a PHD candidate from New Zealand who’s thesis focuses on this topic.

Exemplary documents originating from New Zealand’s social history have been compiled and processed by Denny and David Bennewith to form a central brochure from where the diverse parts of the project are accessed; including a video, Twitter feed and computer application.

This unique and limited edition brochure is structurally informed by Facebook’s new timeline protocol and Edward Tufte’s notions about the visualisation of information; which are also starting and reference points for the graphic design. As well as its concertina, a series of tipped in fold-outs act like interpolations – alluding to the contemporary [digital] archive, translated back into layered space. The brochure is explicitly designed as a resource for communicating Fadyl’s PHD research to the field and further; half of the edition is distributed within this context.

Simon Denny - Envisaging Vocational Rehabilitation
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