Texte Zur Kunst No. 106

The theme of this issue – The New New Left – is not entirely “new new,” as indeed it relates to the old anti-capitalist Left in its insistence on a theoretical analysis of capitalism and the price paid by many in such a system. But as the discourses and strategies long associated with the Left (workerism, identity politics, or the mode of the avant-gardist troll) have been adopted by anti-progressive outlets, it has become increasingly complex to locate a Left stance from which to effectively speak and act. This issue explores the affective mechanisms and media strategies – from the rise of viral content (memes) to the harvesting and right-wing politicization of emotions – that are producing our post-millennial, post-financial crisis, post-Brexit/Trump present.

Issue No. 106 / June 2017 “The New New Left“

Table Of Contents

Cultural Resources / Sabine Hark And Sighard Neckel In Conversation On Feelings Of Resentment And Revenge

Verena Dengler
Fake Left, Punch Right

Jaleh Mansoor
Unveiling And/Or Re-Masking / Notes On The Political Dialectics Of The Opacity Of The Sign

Seth Price
Wrong Seeing, Odd Thinking, Strange Action

Matt Goerzen
Notes Toward The Memes Of Production

Diedrich Diederichsen
The Tough Stuff / “Populism,” “Political Correctness,” And The Like

Simon Denny
Face The Market On Your Own

Klaus Walter
Liberté, Egalité, Beyoncé?

Dan Bodan
Europe, 2016-17 / Selected Status Updates Of Recent Months

Kayode Ojo
Become What You Fear

New Development
Ana Teixeira Pinto
Artwashing / Nrx And The Alt-Right

Obsessive, Compulsive, Disorder / Johanna Burton On Douglas Crimp’s “Before Pictures”
Probing Attitudes / Philipp Ekardt On “Putting Rehearsals To The Test” (Buchmann, Lafer, Ruhm, Eds.)
In Experimenten Seine Vernunft Aufs Spiel Setzen / Stefan Römer Über Hans-Jörg Rheinberger, „Der Kupferstecher Und Der Philosoph. Albert Flocon Trifft Gaston Bachelard“

Nachrichten Aus Der Ideologischen Antike / Georg Imdahl Über Wade Guyton Im Museum Brandhorst
Schwere Verspannungen Lösen / Eva Scharrer Über Nairy Baghramian Im S.M.A.K. In Gent
Deviant Art / Dena Yago On Danny Mcdonald At House Of Gaga, Los Angeles
Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is / Tina Schulz Über Nora Schultz Bei Isabella Bortolozzi, Berlin
Reverse Cubism Als Betrachtungsirrtum / Gunter Reski Über Pieter Schoolwerth Bei Capitain Petzel, Berlin
Mad World / Steven Warwick On Liz Craft & Pentti ­Monkkonen At Liszt, Berlin
Public Viewing / Moritz Scheper Über Sadie Benning In Der Kunsthalle Basel
Eye In The Sky / Ilya Lipkin On Ned Vena At Societé, Berlin
Kritische Stoffe, Shoppinglust Und ­Andere Ambivalenzen / Ines Kleesattel Über Ines Doujak (Und John Barker) Im Württembergischen Kunstverein
In Einem Anderem Land / Christian Kravagna Über „The Color Line“ Im Musée Du Quai Branly, Paris
Mehr Epistemischer Ungehorsam! / Susanne Witzgall Über „Postwar: Kunst Zwischen Pazifik Und Atlantik 1945–1965“ Im Haus Der Kunst, München
With Or Without / Christian Philipp Müller On Yuji Agematsu At Miguel Abreu Gallery, Nyc
Kommunikation Ist Kein Objekt / Fiona Geuß Über Ian Wilson In Den Kw Institute For Contemporary Art, Berlin

Gustav Metzger (1926–2017): Ein Nachruf Von Sabine Breitwieser


Anne Imhof
Sean Landers

Texte Zur Kunst No. 106
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