The Founding and Development of Modern Photography in Japan


Wonderful first edition of this now very scarce Japanese photography book published in 1995 by Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Tokyo, Japan on the occasion of the major photography retrospective “The Founding and Development of Modern Photography in Japan”, held between 21 January-26 March 1995.
Fine historical photographic works by 76 Japanese artists are beautifully reproduced in this handsome edition, alongside reproductions of page-spreads from important modern Japanese photography publications such, complete list of exhibited works, and texts in English and Japanese, including “Consciousness and Expression of the Modern”; “The Modern in Lyricism”; “Photographs as Modern Forms of Expression”; “In Search of a New Image of the Photographer”.

Artists included:
Isshū Nagata, Koshiro Onchi, Manshichi Sakamoto, Iwata Nakayama, Kiyoshi Koishi, Jun Watanabe, Ei-Q, Masaki Yamaguchi, Hiroshi Hamaya, Shoji Ueda, Hisashi Hisano, Wataru Takahashi, Keiichiro Goto, Kansuke Yamamoto, Tsugio Tajima, Minoru Sakata, Koro Honjo, Sutezo Otono, Kametaro Kawasaki, Bizan Ueda, Nakaji Yasui, Yoshio Tarui, Toshinobu Yano, Kiyoshi Koishi, Kiyoshi Nishiyama, Ori Umesaka, Shinzo Fukuhara,Roso Fukuhara, Yasuzo Nojima, Mitsugi Arima, and many more.

“… With the Meiji Restoration, Japan began its march towards modernization. As part of that process, photography, which had reached Japan in the waning days of the Edo period, spread throughout society. The Taisho era saw the rise of Taisho Democracy, with its respect for the individual as a human being. Paralleling that movement, photography became a popular medium closely involved in the lives of ordinary people, thanks to technical advances that made photography simpler and more accessible. By the start of the Showa period, the modernization of Japan was an accomplished fact, and photography was no longer simply another means of expression; through modernization it acquired social qualities. Japan, however, was on the path to war, a tragedy arising from the strains of modernization, and the collapse of everything that had been built up over the previous decades became unavoidable. Photography, as an art that had developed in the process of building a modern society, underwent a metamorphosis as the times overtook art.  This exhibition takes the view that the history of modern photography is part of the history of modern Japan, and is an attempt to provide a thought-provoking retrospective of modern photography while posing the question, “What is the modern?””
January, 1993, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography

* Condition: Fine/Very Good (Clean and tight copy throughout, only very minor wear/age)  – All care is taken to provide accurate condition details of used books, photos available on request.

The Founding and Development of Modern Photography in Japan
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