The Navajo Blanket



Large format paperback catalogue beautifully designed by Louis Danziger produced for an exhibition at Los Angeles County Museum of Art, June 27-Aug. 27, 1972.  This publication explores in pictures and words the beautiful, intricate blankets of the Navajo. Beginning with the earliest surviving examples through to the classical period of the 1880’s, this beautifully designed book features 81 Native American blankets and apparel, including technical and material details, history, and stylistic developments.  Published by Praeger Publishers Inc. in New York, in association with the Los Angeles County Museum of Arts.

Louis Danziger (born November 17, 1923) is an American graphic designer and design educator. He is most strongly associated with the late modern movement in graphic design, and with a community of designers from various disciplines working in Southern California in the mid-twentieth century. He is noted for his iconoclastic approach to design, and for introducing the principles of European constructivism to the American advertising vernacular. In 1998, Danziger was awarded the AIGA Gold Medal for “standards of excellence over a lifetime of work.”

A gorgeously designed publication, for anyone interested in the history of tapestry and textiles.

* Condition: Very Good, slight fading on spine – All care is taken to provide accurate condition details of used books, photos available on request.

The Navajo Blanket
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