The Plastics Architect


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Scarce title, “The Plastics Architect” by Arthur Quarmby was published in 1974 by Pall Mall Press, London.
This richly illustrated and heavily researched volume is broken up into chapters: Materials History; Materials, Fabrication Technology, Historical Applications; Spatial Enclosures; Component Construction; Sculptural Applications; Prospective Work. Throughout the examples of international developments in the use of plastics in architecture, included is the work of Archigram, Aldo Rossi, Donatella Mazzoleni, Reyner Banham, Paolo Soleri, Masayuki Kurokawa, Frei Otto, Jean Prouvé, Haus-Rucker-Co, Gernot Nalbach, Christo, Alberto Longoni, R. Buckminster Fuller, Wolfgang Döring, Jean Manéval, Pascal Häusermann, Claude Häusermann, Yutaka Murata, Renzo Piano, Kenzo Tange, Rudolf Doernach, Jean-Louis Chanéac, John Zerning, David Greene, and many many others. Arthur Quarmby’s own incredible architectural projects are here in abundance as well.

“This book includes a history of the discovery of different types of plastics, and a valuable chapter on materials technology which investigates the molecular structure of different plastics materials and indicates the extent of their applicability. As a basic understanding of the structure and properties of plastic materials is necessary to the designer, so a knowledge of the principal manufacturing processes is essential if designs are to be produced which are capable of being put into production […] This stimulating work will be essential for anyone interested in plastics, architecture and the future environment.”

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The Plastics Architect
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