The World of Shinzo Fukuhara


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A fine first printing example of this heavily illustrated Shinzo Fukuhara book published to commemorate the Shiseido Gallery 75 year anniversary with the major photographic exhibition “The World of Shinzo Fukuhara – Poetics of Light” in 1994. Texts in English and Japanese by Yoshiharu Fukuhara, Yuri Mitsuda, and more.

Often called the father of Japanese modern photography, Shinzo Fukuhara – a traveler, a businessman, an aesthete, a theorist, is an author of nostalgic, melancholy pictures and considered a pioneer of Japanese art photography and a true renaissance man. Trained as a scientist and pharmacologist in Japan and the U.S. (Columbia University), he was the first CEO of Shiseido Company, Ltd and a pioneer in modern cosmetic marketing and design. In 1912 he traveled to Europe visiting England, Italy, Germany and France, where he settled in Paris. There he joined a group of young Japanese artists and while there took over 2000 photographs of the city (later published as “Paris et la Seine” in 1922). In 1923 Shinzo Fukuhara published his groundbreaking book “Hikari to Sono Kaicho” (Light with its Harmony) which proposed applying the Japanese aesthetic of haiku poetry to photography.
Shizo’s contributions to creating and promoting photography as an art form cannot be overstated. In 1921 he and his brother Roso Fukuhara established the Shashin Geijutsu-sha, a group of art photographers dedicated to pictorialism. This group mounted exhibitions at the prestigious Shiseido Gallery and published the journal Shashin Geijutsu. In 1924 Shinzo and Roso founded the Nihon Shashin-kai (Japan Photographic Society).

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The World of Shinzo Fukuhara - Poetics of Light
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