Thea Djordjadze

Thea Djordjadze makes expansive installations that she develops in situ and in close interaction with the surrounding spaces. The Georgian-born artist begins by exploring the specific qualities of a given exhibition space and then creates work that subtly transforms the perception and possible readings of the architectonic situation.
Ordinary staples such as fabrics, steel, glass, plaster, foam plastic, wood, and papier-mâché are the materials out of which Djordjadze manufactures sculptural objects. Presented in carefully composed arrangements sometimes complemented by found objects, paintings, and drawings, her installations recall domestic or functional settings. Her idiosyncratically proportioned sculptures suggest pieces of furniture or elements of an exhibition display such as beds, frameworks, pedestals, or showcases. The design vocabulary blends modernist geometric rigor with organic amorphous improvisation. Yet the elements correspond not only to each other, but always also to the given spatial context, building a palpable tension.
Thea Djordjadze’s process-based artistic praxis reads as an ongoing process in which existing and new elements, materials and objects are repurposed, reconfigured, and rearranged. Her exhibition project for the Secession implies transferring her studio and literally everything in it to Vienna. Here, the artist will respond to the iconic exhibition space and create a site-specific installation with her studio’s inventory, at once a kind of meta-exhibition, while her studio in Berlin remains empty.
This unique book documents through colour photography the artist’s studio, in great detail, prior to it’s emptying out into the exhibition space at Secession in late 2016.

Thea Djordjadze was born in Tbilisi in 1971 and lives and works in Berlin.

Thea Djordjadze - To Be In An Upright Position On The Feet
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