Wim Crouwel


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A new, detailed monograph about Wim Crouwel: graphic designer and exhibition designer who defined the look of post war Holland with his studio Total Design. His modernism was reflected in countless posters and catalogues for the Stedelijk Museum, in stamps and experimental work like a sensational computer alphabet. In the seventies Crouwel evoked a lot of criticism but nowadays he is seen as a cult figure and an inspiration for many.

The heavy book is profusely illustrated and shows a great deal of Crouwel’s influential and beautiful work. Texts in English throughout, by Frederike Huygen, highlight Crouwel’s career and his views, providing informative background to his work and placing him in a critical context. Frederike Huygen is an art and design historian and has written numerous publications on design. Huygen works as a freelance researcher and author, and is president of the Foundation Design History Netherlands.

A must for any fan of Wim Crouwel’s work.

Wim Crouwel - Modernist
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