WOLS Aqua coverWOLS Aqua spread

WOLS Aqua cover WOLS Aqua spread


Out of print, first edition of this hardcover book on the work of Wols, “Aquarelle 1937-1951”, focussing on a large number of his magnificent watercolour and ink paintings and drawings, amongst other works.

Wols was the pseudonym of Alfred Otto Wolfgang Schulze (27 May 1913, Berlin – 1 September 1951, Paris), a German painter and photographer predominantly active in France. Though broadly unrecognized in his lifetime, he is considered a pioneer of Lyrical Abstraction, one of the most influential artists of the Tachisme movement. He is the author of a book on art theory entitled Aphorismes de Wols.

* Condition: Very Good (a clean, tight copy with only very minor shelf wear to cover) – All care is taken to provide accurate condition details of used books, photos available on request.

Wols - Aquarelle 1937-1951
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