Women Artists: 1550-1950


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This book represents a major event in the art world. It is based on the first international exhibition of art by women, assembled by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art from dozens of private and public collections throughout the world, among them the Metropolitan, the Louvre, the Uffzi, the Victoria and Albert, and the Prado. It contains the work, chronologically arranged, of eighty-four women painters, from the Renaissance to the mid-twentieth century, from sixteenth-century portraiture to modern abstraction.

Included are works by artists as familiar as Kathe Kollwitz, Mary Cassatt, Marie Laurencin, Georgia O’Keeffe, Léonor Fini, and Sonia Delaunay. Here, as well, is the work of women who received much attention, even acclaim, in their own time but whose accomplishments art history has neglected and whose paintings are now largely inaccessible to the public — artists such as Anne Vallayer-Coster in the eighteenth century (who was praised for painting “like a clever man”), Judith Leyster (whose Jolly Toper was attributed until recently to Frans Hals), Vanessa Bell, the brilliantly talented sister of Virginia Woolf, and Anna Dorothea Lisiewska Therbusch (about whom her contemporary Diderot wrote: ‘‘It was not talent that she lacked in order to create a big sensation in this country..’.it was youth; it was beauty: it was modesty; it was coquetry; one must be ecstatic over the merits of our great male artists, take lessons from them, have good breasts and good buttocks, and surrender oneself to one’s teachers”). Individual commentaries consider the work of each artist in the context of her time, tell the story of her life, often quoting from letters, journals, and the memoirs of contemporaries, and discuss not only the techniques and the principles of her art but also the conditions and expectations that fostered or inhibited her development. Two brilliant critical essays encompassing all the periods represented are provided by the distinguished art historians Ann Sutherland Harris and Linda Hochlin.

Published on the occasion of the exhibition from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles CA December 21, 1976-March 13, 1977. 1981 Edition.

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Women Artists: 1550-1950
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