Amanda Maxwell

House Wear #2

Published, designed and edited by Melbourne’s MANY MANY (Stephanie Poole and Rachel Elliot-Jones), HOUSE WEAR is a study in nomadic behaviour and human design constructs.

Issue two contains: walking villages concrete terrain handheld breadcessory banana lounge makeshift forms mobility aids foraging vibration of colour eBay porta-room b(r)e(a)droom spray-foam shelter thing to shape hammock fruit bag endurance.

Contributors: Adam Wood, Aleksandra Nedeljkovic, Amanda Maxwell, Antuong Nguyen, Ben Davis, Ben Richards, Carson Fisk-Vittori, Christopher LG Hill, Courtney Reagor, Eugenia Lim, FAUX/real, ffiXXed, Jess Brent, Joe Hamilton, Laila, MANY MANY, Moon Wheel, N55, Nic Dowse, Nicholas Gardner, PAGEANT, Rachel de Joode, Rachel Elliot-Jones, Roland Tings, Sari de Mallory, Schuhtutehemd, Sibling, SO-IL, Stephanie Poole, tin&ed, Travess Smalley, Virginia Overell.

Produced in an edition of 1000.

House Wear #2
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