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Justin Clemens
Minimal Domination

Minimal Domination collects a selection of Justin Clemens’ art writings from the past decade. The title is drawn from contemporary mathematics: a minimally dominating set is the smallest set of points that neighbour all other points of a graph. A minimally dominating set is therefore a multiple and a structure which has privileged access to that which it is not. This is the secret of contemporary art: it creates discrete selections from which we can survey the whole.

Justin Clemens, former art critic for The Monthly, has written extensively on contemporary art. The essays in Minimal Domination discuss the work of Joseph Kosuth, Gordon Bennett, Juan Davila, Mike Parr, Ricky Swallow, Janet Burchill & Jennifer McCamley, Christian Capurro, Philip Hunter, and others.

Justin Clemens - Minimal Domination
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