de Rijke, de Rooij

De Rijke + De Rooij SecessionDe Rijke + De Rooij Secession

De Rijke + De Rooij
Wien 2005

At the invitation of the Secession, de Rijke/de Rooij and Christopher Williams developed a joint exhibition to be shown in all three of the gallery’s spaces. Their independent positions entered into a dialog that revealed both the similarities between their approaches and the differences in their implementation.

The exhibition was accompanied by a catalog in two volumes that are designed separately as artist’s books and which enter into a many-faceted dialog with one another via repetition, variation, and distinctiveness in their image sequences, text and paratexts. The graphical concept for the invitation cards, posters, and catalogs was developed by Mathias Poledna.

De Rijke + De Rooij - Wien 2005
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