Fiona Connor


Mirage Issue


Fantastic new issue from Melbourne’s Pataphysics Magazine!

The “MIRAGE ISSUE” features:
Brook Andrew – Systems of Allowance
Hany Armanious – Light
Del Kathryn Barton – The Stars Eat Your Body
Marcus Bergner – Four Designs
Stephen Bram – Collages
Claude Cahun – Aveux non Avenus
Mark Cohen – Interview and Photographs
Fiona Connor – Wall Section (home)
Mikala Dwyer – Saint Jude’s Leftovers
Hans Eijkelboom – In the Newspaper
Ivars Gravlejs – Interview and Photographs
Janina Green – Be Home Before Dark
Eliza Hutchison – Photographs
David Noonan – Collages
Ron Padgett – Man to Man
Barrington Vincent Sherman – Tenebrae Visibiles
Michael Williams – Photographs
Konrad Winkler – Julie

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Discipline No. 4

Edited by Nicholas Croggon, David Homewood, & Helen Hughes; with a guest edited section by Ferdiansyah Thajib, KUNCI Cultural Studies Center; and designed by Robert Milne.


Cover : Gordon Bennett

Editorial by Nicholas Croggon, David Homewood & Helen Hughes

Elizabeth Newman: Abstraction, Simulation, Obscuration by Francis Plagne

Critical Ambiguity: A Kantian Reading of Recent Work by Juan Davila by Helen Johnson

Trans-Pacific: Abstract Painting in Australia, New Zealand and America 1930–1960 by Rex Butler & A.D.S. Donaldson

Object Documentation by David Homewood & Bronté Lambert

The Dispute at the 19th Biennale of Sydney by Michael Ascroft

Illusion in Wendy Paramor’s Triad by Amelia Sully

Ambient Perspective and Endless Art by Nikos Papastergiadis & Amelia Barikin

Figures of the Machine: Richard Tuohy’s Halftone Films by Giles Fielke

Non-Resolution IRL by Danni Zuvela

Interview with Hito Steyerl by Amelia Groom

The Three Bodies of Angus Cerini by Jon Roffe

Encountering a Collection: Fiona Connor’s Wallworks by Kate Warren

What it’s Like to Dance Naked in the Museum and Other Thoughts: Stuart Ringholt’s Kraft (2014) by Liang Luscombe & Patrice Sharkey

Contemporary Art and Contemporaneity: Reflections on Method, Review of Reviews (Part 2) by Terry Smith

The Eternal Return of Irony: Gordon Bennett (1955–2014) by Ian McLean

Clothes by Centre for Style

Back Cover : John Citizen

Guess edited section by Ferdiansyah Thajib, KUNCI Cultural Studies Center (loose booklet in Bahasa and English)

Holopis Kuntul Baris: Karya Seni di Era Kolaborasi yang Tampak Mekanis / Holopis Kuntul Baris: The Work of Art in the Age of Manifestly Mechanical Collab­oration

Pengantar/Introduction by Ferdiansyah Thajib

Kerangka Kolektivitas/Terms of Collectivity by Simon Soon

Wok the Rock & Co.: Memahami Persahabatan dalam Dunia Seni Yogyakarta/Wok the Rock & Co.: Making Sense of Friendship in Yogyakarta’s Art Scene by Nuraini Juliastuti

Punkasila, Kerjasama dan Persahabatan/Punkasila, Cooperation and Friendship by Syafiatudina

Hestu A. Nugroho (Setu Legi)
(artist pages)

Discipline No. 4
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Y3K Publication


Y3K was a two-year (2009-2011) proposition initiated by James Deutsher and Christopher L G Hill, a gallery practice as-an-extension-of an art practice and-in-support-of a wider art and design community in Melbourne and Internationally.
Over two-years Y3K exhibited World Food Books, BLESS, Christopher L.G. Hill, Emmeleine deMooij, Jota Castro, Kinga Kielczynska, Melanie Bonaj, fabrics interseason, ffiXXed, Heinz Peter Knes, James Deutsher, Matt Hinkley, Olivia Barrett, Pat Foster, Jen Berean, Rob McKenzie, SIBLING, Slow and Steady Wins the Race, Jon Campbell, LOST Projects, Alex Vivian, Daniel du Bern, Nick Selenitsch, Kain Picken, Next Wave, A Constructed World, Joshua Petherick, Helen Johnson, Bianca Hester, Misha Hollenbach, David Griggs, Sam Kiyoumarsi, Robert Langenegger, Nick Mangan, Matt Griffin, Masato Takasaka, Fiona Connor, Tahi Moore, Ida Ekblad, Art Centre Ongoing, Kit Lee, Kate Newby, Sriwhana Spong, Dylan Statham, Simon Taylor, Sophia Mitchell, Rowan Mcnaught, MM Yu. Ilia Farah Rosli, Marco Fusinato, TATE Modern, Marie Gaultier, Anna Hess, Veronica Kent, Jarrod Rawlins, Keith Al-Hasani, Ruby Lowe, Justin Clemens, Daniel Munn, Simon Denny, Dan Arps, Andrew Barber, Structural Integrity, Marco Fusinato, Rose Nolan, Dan Bell, Kate Smith, Ardi Gunawan, Nikos Pantazopoulos, Ben Tankard, Steve Kado, Virginia Overell, Mateo Tannatt, Sean Peoples, Inri Cristo, Tara Rawlins, Chateau 2F, Oscar Yanez, Hany Armanious, Ash Kilmartin, Elizabeth Gower, Lizzy Newman, Nina Sers, Maria Kozic, Ellen Pittman, Juan Davila, Janet Burchill, Jennifer McCarthy, Constanze Zikos, Hao Guo, Pow Martinez, Carissa Rodriguez, Tobias Kaspar, Piotr Łakomy, Natalie Rognsøy, Katherine Huang, Taree McKenzie, Ester Partegas, Mikala Dwyer and John Spiteri and more.

Each exhibition was accompanied by an A3 double sided unique limited edition poster designed by the artists and gallerists. These posters now form the basis for the Y3K publication.

Included in this publication, and on the occasion of it’s launch to the public two years after the cessation of the Y3K gallery space, is an accompanying text from
Fayen D’Evie.

The Y3K publication is a limited edition of 100, and is available from World Food Books.

Y3K Publication
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