Joe Scanlan

The Sound of Downloading Makes Me Want to Upload

The Institute of Social Hypocrisy has invited an eclectic mix of artists, teachers, photographers, thinkers, writers and curators to provide essays, images and musings exploring the cultural influence of the internet on the way we absorb and share information.

Edited by Victor Boullet, the resulting contributions reveal the disparate perspectives of the various up and downloaders. It illustrates how the internet is used and manipulated as a creative tool and as a font of information and communication at every level.

Contributors include: Gilbert & George, Theodor Barth, Merlin Carpenter, Richard Parry, Keren Cytter, Guy Debord, Matias Faldbakken, Peter J. Amdam, Karl Holmqvist, Brian Kennon, Oliver Laric, David Lewis, Joe Scanlan, Edie McKay, Hans Ulrich Obrist and many more

The Sound of Downloading Makes Me Want to Upload
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