Julia Gorman


Sarah Cottier Gallery 1994 – 2014

The history of Sarah Cottier Gallery’s first twenty years in a comprehensive reference volume.

An example of one of Australia’s most influential contemporary art galleries.

Twenty years, two hundred exhibitions, four venues, nearly one hundred artists. Ever since its arrival in 1994, Sarah Cottier Gallery has been one of Australia’s most courageous contemporary art galleries. The artists represented in this time, including John Armleder, Sydney Ball, Marco Fusinato, Matthys Gerber, John Nixon, Mike Parr, Koji Ryui and Gemma Smith, represent some of the hottest talent in contemporary art.

20/200 celebrates the first twenty years of the gallery and its artists in a pictorial format that illustrates the breadth of the twenty year experience. The book includes images of every one of the gallery’s two hundred exhibitions and includes the work of almost one hundred artists. The volume is hardcover bound with a timeless rounded spine and features a holographic foil on the the front cover. The individual works and specific highlights inevitably surrender to the vast, hypnotic rhythm of the volume’s breadth – as in the fairy tale conundrum of the dancing princesses, each is more beautiful than the last.

Includes the work of A.D.S. Donaldson, Martin Creed, Kerrie Poliness, Melinda Harper, Julian Dashper, John Armleder, Sydney Ball, Mikala Dwyer, Hany Armanious, Marco Fusinato, Matthys Gerber, John Nixon, Mike Parr, Koji Ryui, Mikala Dwyer, Hany Armanious, Matt Hinkley, Huseyin Sami, Robert Pulie, Julia Gorman, Simon Denny, Anne-Marie May, Gemma Smith, John Spiteri, Katherina Grosse, Mary Teague, Olivier Mosset, and many more!

Texts by Nicholas Chambers, Jason Marcou, Julie Fragar, Anna Waldmann, Amanda Rowell,  Alan Cholodenko, Mark Titmarsh and Christopher Hanrahan.

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