Laurel Doody


Endless Lonely Planet 5


Endless Lonely Planet 5, published on the occasion of the 4th/5th Melbourne Artist Facilitated Biennial held at Tarrawarra Museum of Art as part of TARRAWARRA BIENNIAL 2016: ENDLESS CIRCULATION (19 August – 6 November 2016) curated with Discipline. Exhibition and publication features the work of Christopher L G Hill, Nick Selenitsch, Lou Hubbard, Lewis Fidock, Endless Lonely Planet, Liam Osborne, Lisa Radford, Elizabeth Newman, Nicholas Tammens, Kate Meakin, George Egerton-Warburton, James Deutsher, Zac Segbedzi, Aurelia Guo, Rudi Williams, Alex Vivian, Lucina Lane, Lauren Burrow, Counterfeitnessfirst, Virginia Overell, Joshua Petherick, Laurel Doody, Tahi Moore, elp3 Vine, and more…

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Endless Lonely Planet 5
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