Michael Bell-Smith

Novembre 6
Fall / Winter 2012

Arts and Fashion Practices from Switzerland and The World.

Novembre 6: Gilles Furtwangler, Mari Ohashi, Alex Clow, Alex Czetwertynski, Alice Rosati, Ambar-Maya Johnsson, André Castro, Ariana Reines, Ariane Haas, Ariel Bustamante, Attila Csihar, Aude Cartier, Babette Pauthier, Baker Wardlaw, Balthazar Lovay, Barbara Hammer, Béatrice Cussol, Brett Lloyd, Cari Luna, Cedric Eisenring, Charlotte Krieger, Christopher Kam, Clémence Cahu, Coming Soon, Cristof Hefti, Cyril Porchet, Danae Panchaud, Daniel Fraser, David Wiseman, Delphine Desane, Devin Blair, Donald Daedalus, Elvira Porcedda, Elvis Studio, Emanuel Rossetti, Emma Wyman, Erin Stalcup, Florence Tétier, Florian Joye, Geoffrey Cottenceau, Gilles Degivry, Gregory Ambroisine, Hans Ruedi Giger, Henda Giarratano, Israel Martinez, James V. Thomas, Jana Burbach, Jannis Tsipoulanis, Javier Romero, Jessica Russ, Joel Vacheron, John Miller, Jonathan Geimon, Juan Dario, Julia Wagner, Julie B., Kate Cooper, Katja Schenker, Kim Seob Boninsegni, Laila von Alvensleben, Latifa Echakhch, Lei Wei Swee, Leslie Kulesh, Lilia Toncheva O’Rourke, MAMCO, Manuel Scheiwiller, Marcela Jacobina, Marie Lanne, Matthew Johnstone, Matthew Laskey, Michael Bell-Smith, Michael Luppi, Mine K., Nathalie Perrin, Neville Wakefield, Nicholas Galletti, Nicolas Coulomb, Nina Walbecq, Olivier Schawalder, Pablo Tapia Pla, Pari Hertling, Pedro Wirz, Rassa Montaser, Rob Lucas, Romain Rousset, Rosa Rendl, Samuel Gross, Simon Lamuniere, Sophear Van, Sophie A., Stefanie Farouze, Stephanie Farouze, Stuart Comer, Suzi Rezler, Syncrodogs, Tamas Tuzes, Thomas Hirschhorn, Thomas Hug, Tim Nolan, Tiphanie Mall, Tiziana Raimondo, Tobias Madison, Tom Guinness, Walter Steiger……

Born in Lausanne (Switzerland) in 2010, Novembre takes an active role in reformulating the perceptions and experiences of its native country.

Under the candid caption “arts and fashion in Switzerland and the world”, Novembre activates intergenerational discussions, producing international content that explores the critical stakes inherent to the Swiss identity: its neutrality notably fortifies its supposed integrity and inviolability, whilst placing the Confederation in an extremely productive and influential position within the arts on a global level.

Through the organic association of fashion, design and art, Novembre highlights the products which proliferate in schools, studios, galleries, showrooms, institutions, trade shows, fairs, hotels and bank lobbies and living rooms – addressing issues of integration, independence, equality, and exchange.

Novembre is currently published and independently by Florence Tétier (Paris), Florian Joye (Lausanne), and Jeanne-Salomé Rochat (Berlin), who united after their graduation from ECAL University of Arts, Switzerland.

Novembre 6
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