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Art International
Vol. XI/4 April 20, 1967

Art International, Vol. XI/4 April 20, 1967
Published and Edited by James Fitzsimmons
Advisory Editors: Umbro Apollonio, Jorge Romero Brest, Lucy R. Lippard, James Mellow.

Features: Jacques Kaplan, Clement Greenberg, Anne Truitt, Anthony Caro, Carl Andre, Ronald Bladen, Robert Smithson, Lucy R. Lippard, Larry Poons, Colin Self, Eli Bornstein, Bridget Riley, Maurice de Sansmarez, Nanda Vigo, Victor Vasarely, Marcel Broodthaers, Arman, Roberto Crippa, Richard Smith, Howard Hodgkin, Avinash Chandra, Mary Preminger, Dan Flavin, Steve Kaltenbach, DeWain Valentine, Leonard Esbensen, Craig Kauffman, Kenneth Snelson, Morris  Louis, Franz Kline, Aubrey Beardsley, Sam Francis, Richard Tuttle, Paul Klee, Gary Kuehn, Tony Smith, John Wesley, Jack Beal, Antonin Artuad, Nicholas Krushenick, Colin Self, Lucio del Pezzo, Peter Voulkos, Leonard da Vinci, Kenneth Noland, Jules Olitski, Ludwig Sander, Yves Klein, Edward Kienholz, Adolph Gottlieb, and many more.

Art International was a highly regarded international art journal based in Switzerland from 1957-1984. With international editors and contributing writers, A.I. was issued 10 times per year and was published and edited by James A. Fitzsimmons.

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Art International, Vol. XI/4 April 20, 1967
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