Cosmic Wonder Press, Tokyo

Cosmic Wonder Restaurant

Please come and visit us for lunch.
Let’s exchange gifts.

Flowers, stones, letters, cookies…
Whatever you choose to bring, we’ll have some lunch for you.

publication to accompany “COSMIC WONDER RESTAURANT”.
photography by Takashi Homma

People visit the restaurant with gifts to exchange for lunch and a performance.
Upon arrival, visitors are given exchange tickets in the form of oil paintings, mirrors, and vases, and are then guided to their seats.
Each ticket is a signal for a particular performance to begin, ranging from music, dance, singing and poetry.
In the tranquil environment of the community garden, these serene performances emerge and recede and overlap one another.
All of the performances are inspired by the idea of a gift economy.

The restaurant serves plates of wild greens and vegetables grown with permaculture methods, as well as vibrational mountain water from “Kifune”, Kyoto and “Okatorano” flower essence water.

This garden restaurant is a means of guiding the visitor’s mind into a meditative space.
We might be able to catch the moment where a new and free-floating expressivity emerges through the multidimensional exchanges and movements.

ART FOOD : Aki Goto, Yuki Kato
PERFORMERS : Adam Kell, Claire Linn, Dora Johannsdottir, Kentaro Takashina,
Lynne Brown, Masha Pruss, Nezam Ardalan, Stephen Sprott,
Thuridur Ros Sigurthorsdottir, Evan Guyton, Gisela Fulla,
Munenori Hinoki, Kigi Hinoki, Yukinori Maeda
VOCAL IMPROVISERS : Kyoko Kitamura, Anne Rhodes
VIOLIN : Mari Yamamoto, Hayne Kim
VIOLA : Sarah Hainess, Midori Witkoski
CELLO : Kim Vogels
CONTRABASS : Carl Testa, Pablo Menares, Patrick Swoboda
FLUTE | PICCOLO : Allison Linker
MUSIC DIRECTION : Jue and Anoa (Yukinori Maeda, Mayumi Tanaka)
DANCE : Dani Brown, Connor Voss
VIDEO RECORDING : Les Contes (Fumitaka Kato, Ai Nakagawa)
HAIR MAKE : Mari Kikuchi, Ayami Yamada, Kotarou Suzuki, Akio Kimura, Megumi Kashimura, Minako Kiuchi
PRODUCTION : COSMIC WONDER, Yasuyo Hibino (fish co), Stephen Sprott

COSMIC WONDER Since its debut Paris collection in 2000 at the Centre Pompidou, Paris Fashion Week has been the principal forum for presenting the works of COSMIC WONDER. From now on, however, COSMIC WONDER is ever widening its focus to further its exploration of installation and performance in venues around the world. Their projects later this year include an art book, ”Hidden Path of Light COSMIC WONDER,” published by Nieves, and in October, a new installation and performance to be exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art,Tokyo.

COSMIC WONDER Light Source Starting this year, COSMIC WONDER Light Source is on exhibit for Paris Fashion Week and at the same time it has become the sole fashion project of COSMIC WONDER. The collection is introduced to encourage people to wear these clothes in their daily life, so that they may delight in discovering anew the spirit within them.

Yukinori Maeda After studying architecture, Maeda started his creative activities as COSMIC WONDER. In recent years, he has been actively creating and exhibiting his personal artistic works in parallel with his achievements as COSMIC WONDER. For 2007, Maeda has confirmed his participation in the coming traveling exhibition starting in Poland. Also confirmed is an exhibition at Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, and here he will attempt to president two separate creative endeavors as COSMIC WONDER and artist Yukinori Maeda, in one exhibition

Cosmic Wonder Restaurant
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