Deste Foundation


Radical Italian Furniture

Photographs by Maurizio Cattelan & Pieropaolo Ferrari
Published by Deste Foundation/Toilet Paper

Preface by Maria Cristina Didero. Drawings by Alessandro Mendini.
1968: Radical Italian Design, the newest project from Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari’s Toilet Paper in collaboration with the Deste Foundation in Athens, offers an unorthodox, kaleidoscopic walk through the Dakis Joannou collection of Italian Radical Design furniture.

Led by avant-garde design firms such as Archizoom, Superstudio, Global Tools and 9999, Radical Design was firmly opposed to the ethics, and indeed the very notion of, “good design” or taste. Toilet Paper’s bold, mischievous interpretation of Joannou’s collection results in delightful, high-contrast photographs that merge the seductive lines of Radical Design furniture and objects with the curves of the modern-day nymphs cavorting among them. Published as a board book, and named after a year that was pivotal for architecture and design (and, of course, the world at large), 1968 is a collection of dreams and nightmares, an inspiring, eye-popping compendium of colorful, ironic objects and bodies. At once charmingly retro and alarmingly surreal, 1968 includes drawings by one of the Radical Design movement’s foremost architects, Alessandro Mendini.

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1968: Radical Italian Furniture
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Elad Lassry
2000 Words series

American artist Elad Lassry’s work investigates the possibilities and impossibilities surrounding the current notion of a picture.

With a peculiar aesthetic sense that combines outmoded commercial imagery and a variety of art historical references, the artist has expanded his study in photography to include techniques from film and dance.

Displaying the wide array of Lassry’s work in the Dakis Joannou Collection, this volume includes an essay by Tim Griffin that examines how the artist challenges the nature of our perception and questions the meaning of the contemporary image.

Conceived by Massimiliano Gioni and published by the DESTE Foundation, the new 2000 Words series is a compilation of small volumes that gives insight into the work of some of today’s most exciting contemporary artists.

Elad Lassry - 2000 Words
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