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Sandwich 5


Sandwich is a new tabloid-sized critical art journal founded by Rob Mckenzie and designed by Joshua Petherick, as an extension of Rob’s former SLAVE publishing.

Issue no. 1 includes interviews with/discussions on/contributions by Ester Partegas, David Pestorius, Willy Wonka Inc., Joint Hassles, Gambia Castle, Bless, Lukas Duwenhogger, Hany Armonious, Jack Goldstein, Gwyn Porter, Isabella Bortolozzi, Mladen Stilinovic, Janet Burchill and Jennifer McCamley, Julian Goethe, Luis Macias, The Suburban, Eva Svenning, Oreet Ashery, Texte Zur Kunst, Jacques Lacan, Michael Snachez, Lizzy Newman, and more… !!

Sandwich 5
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